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The bicycle loving group.

Cycleurope is part of the Grimaldi Industri Group and is one of Europe's leading bicycle companies. Cycleurope has distribution and sales in more than 50 countries around the world with its main market in Europe.

The company that loves bicycles

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The company that loves bicycles

The foundation of Cycleurope started by taking over the majority of Monark Stiga in 1995, at the time quoted on the Stockholm stock exchange. Cycleurope is a consolidation of several companies, and has evolved through acquisitions of well anchored local and strong bicycle brands.

In the beginning Cycleurope had a Scandinavian presence. Since then Cycleurope has evolved to be a global actor with its main market in Europe. Today the group is one of the leading bicycle companies.

Cycleurope is a proud member of Cycling Industries Europe.

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The company that loves bicycles

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Cycleurope has sales units in all major countries in Europe, as well as in Japan, Australia and USA. Cycleurope has production facilities in Sweden, France and Italy. Cycleurope's headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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