Part of the Grimaldi Industri Group and one of Europe's leading bicycle companies.

Cycleurope has well known brands such as: Bianchi, Crescent, DBS, Everton, Gitane, Kildemoes, Monark, Peugeot, Puch, Sjösala, Spectra, Tec and our ingredient brand Koppla.

Cycleurope has distribution and sales around the world with its main market in Europe. We work closely with the Cycling Industries Europe which is the voice of cycling business and actively promoting the sector in Europe and worldwide.

Our story

About us

Our story

The foundation of Cycleurope started by taking over the majority of Monark Stiga in 1995, at the time quoted on the Stockholm stock exchange. Cycleurope is a consolidation of several companies, and has evolved through acquisitions of well anchored local and strong bicycle brands.

In the beginning Cycleurope had a Scandinavian presence. Since then Cycleurope has evolved to be a global actor with its main market in Europe. Today the group is one of the leading bicycle companies.

Cycleurope has distribution and sales in more than 50 countries around the world.



To become a leading bicycle and bicycle-related product supplier to customers in order to facilitate healthy and active lifestyles.


To provide a portfolio of innovative, market-driven and well-known brands for bicycles and parts & accessories.

Core values

Cycleurope stands for quality and service. Our goal is to provide value-added solutions for our customers in order to support long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

Distribution strategy

To develop and maintain well adapted strategies for all distribution channels The overall distribution strategy of Cycleurope is to have a presence in all distribution channels and to have appropriate strategies for these.

In other words, the strategies must be well adapted to meet the specific needs for each distribution channel such as retailer stores, chain of retailers and key account-partnerships.This applies mainly for the bicycles but also for parts and accessories.

Consumer strategy

To meet every kind of consumer needs to favorable prices. In order to meet every kind of consumer needs to favorable prices Cycleurope shall strive to offer a complete assortment of bicycles, parts and accessories, and always be focused on cost efficiency and synergies.

This has resolved in a generalization of the consumer market and segments into two main groups, bicycles and parts and accessories.

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