Quality and safety

We are a Norwegian bicycle brand with long traditions, and many Norwegians have taken their first steps on a DBS. The Best Bicycle (DBS) originated in 1932, produced by Jonas Øglænd in Sandes until 1989. We are behind some of Norway's most iconic bicycle models of all time: Apache, Tomahawk, Kombi, Offroad, Kilimanjaro and Intruder. Our bikes are Norwegian history, and our design and good quality means that you can still find more of our bikes from this time in good condition on the used market.

In 1989 DBS was acquired by Swedish Monark and in 1996 we became part of the international cycling group Cycleurope. Strong competition from other bicycle brands, produced abroad, meant that bicycle production in Norway was no longer profitable, and production, which then took place at Kvål, was discontinued in the year 2000.

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Quality and safety

Quality and safety

DBS bicycles has, from the start, focused on quality and safety. With its origin being from the hostile climate of the southwest coast of Norway, the products have always been exposed to and endured extreme conditions. This has made DBS to be the most sold bicycle and is today recognized as a Norwegian quality bicycle. In recent years DBS has participated actively in developing Norwegian and Nordic bicycle sport both in Road Race as well as in the MTB and the BMX genre.


Cycleurope Norway's office is currently located in Oslo. All product development and design of DBS bicycles still takes place in Norway. Production takes place in several different countries, including at Cycleurope's factory in Sweden. Through our affiliation with Cycleurope, DBS is in a family with several Scandinavian and European bicycle brands with a similar affiliation in history. Among others: Crescent, Monark, Kildemoes, Gitane and Bianchi. The bicycle market in Norway has changed a lot since we started, the competition is fierce, and the providers are many. We are proud to be a real, Norwegian bicycle brand that still exists, and we at Cycleurope Norway work to ensure that DBS continues to stand for Norwegian quality, performance and design.

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